PHS persp v2

University of Education, Freiburg im Breisgau

ZB727 24

Sports Hall in the Grove, Ostfildern

BHF FMZ persp web

Museum and Visitor Centre Zeiteninsel, Weimar (Lahn)

Designing and constructing with wood plays a key role in our work, in practice, teaching and research. We have been looking into ecological building materials since the founding of our practice and have long relied on timber solutions out of conviction, whenever the framework conditions allow. Our commitment is: (even) more wood, more circularity!

EIC Perspektive Campus

Eichenplatz Elementary school and day care centre, Ulm

ZB651 02

Kita im Park, Stuttgart

RHB 221008 BHundF Visualisierung

Footbridge, Tuttlingen

MKA modell 500

Parish Community Centre, Weinheim

BHundF RIZ OG Technikum Teil2 01 v2

Regional Innovation Centre, Offenburg

ILS blick02 04 v2

Iller Footbridge, Kempten

GIN persp v2

Depot Wangen, Stuttgart

JTH 4135 03

Jüberg tower, Hemer


Car park, Coesfeld-Lette


Dahlmannschule, Frankfurt am Main

Albstadt 36

Gymnasium, Albstadt

Pestalozzi 12

Pestalozzi school, Stuttgart

K96 IMG 3520a

Children’s day-care facilities, Frankfurt am Main