Albstadt 36

Gymnasium, Albstadt

The new building replaces the existing sports hall that was in dire need of renovation. It is located in the south-western area of the Landessportschule Albstadt campus. Designed as a single-storey building, the new hall unites spaces for sports, gymnastics and training courses under one roof. The interior of the building is organised in three areas: a three-field sports hall, the ancillary rooms, as well as an area for gymnastics and class rooms including a foyer. The foyer, jointly used by athletes and course participants, forms the reception area whilst it functions as a hub. By arranging the foyer between the gymnastics room and the class room area, both parts can be used independently. The changing rooms and the equipment rooms are located in the block of ancillary rooms.

The new building design is based on a grid of 1.50m and follows thus a clear geometric order. This design grid facilitated an economic and sustainable implementation of the required specifications. Since the design had been planned consistently as a timber construction including a high degree of prefabrication, the execution could be carried out at great speed and accuracy. Almost everywhere the timber remains visible as building material and determines the mood in the interior. A ribbed ceiling made of glulam comprises the load-bearing structure of the hall and structures the ceiling. In accordance with integral planning, the space between the two buildings was used to accommodate the required building equipment (ceiling radiant panels and lighting). Even provisions to improve room acoustics could be judiciously integrated there. This results in a harmonious and neat appearance of the ceiling. Arranging the pillars on the grid of the rib axes helped transferring this clear-cut appearance to the facade construction. Generous glazing with external sun and glare protection gives texture to the long sides above the wooden impact wall. A timber frame construction with vertical cladding forms the building envelope.

Client: Württembergischer Landessportbund e.V., Stuttgart
Timber construction: Müllerblaustein, Blaustein
Planning and construction: 2016-18
GFA and GV: 2.300 m², 16.000 m³

Competition 2016, 1st prize

Photographs: Henning Koepke, Munich

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