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Betty Hirsch School Centre, Stuttgart
Nikolauspflege Campus Kräherwald

“With this contribution the architects have proved that it is possible to design a convincing building ensemble, in spite of the highly complex and difficult brief. Through the clarity in the composition of building components across the moderate increase in height the project provides a place of soothing calm, whilst offering a conclusive sense of orientation within and out of the building. The central entrance “Am Kräherwald” – that provides enough space to come in and spread across the building - makes it clearly identifiable without losing the context to the valley basin and the open space in front of it." (Excerpt from the jury report)

Nestled onto the existing street boundary along the Kräherwaldstrasse the new school for blind and visually impaired people building defines the plot towards the east. The topography becomes manifest in the building shape, which provides a noise barrier to the Kräherwaldstrasse. The building cubature necessary to implement the space allocation plan was designed in line with the proportions of the existing buildings. At the same time, it responds to the request for noise reduction.

Towards the west, the new construction develops into a two, and three-story tall building, including an inner court yard. The compact building shape respectfully keeps its distance to the old building. This in turn, experiences a quality improvement as a solitary building, and becomes a landmark on the campus. Within the transition area between the new and the old building, a tree population comprising existing and newly planted trees forms the new campus centre and invites users to stay for a while. As a visual link between the new inner court yard and the campus, the new school yard connects to this open space.
Situated on the premises, the new sports hall sits on the level of the underground car park. The longitudinal side generously opens up towards the valley and provides space for events.

Client: Stiftung Nikolauspflege
Planning and construction: 2017-24
GFA and GV: 9.100 m², 37.000 m³

Competition 2016, 1st prize

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