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WLSB Sports Centre Ruit, Stuttgart
Two span sports hall of the Landessportschule

The replacement building to accommodate the sports hall has been integrated into the building ensemble of the old sports hall and football hall in the north-west of the Ruit Landesportschule site. A dense woodland fringe edges the buildings, making the eastern access an intriguing prelude to the visit. With its clearly structured pilaster strip façade, the new building takes up the theme of the verticality of the tree trunks.
A built-in bench along the slightly sloping east façade provides a place for recreation with a view on the campus area through the trees.
The single-storey building is divided into three areas, reflected in the exterior of the building: the changing room section including the foyer, the sports hall, and the equipment room section.
The foyer is bright and provides direct access to the sports hall. The street shoe corridor runs along the glazed north façade, from which the two changing rooms and the hall can be accessed via a central corridor widening.

Consistently designed as a timber construction with a high degree of prefabrication, all the advantages of this construction method have a tangible effect for the occupants. Not least in the sports hall, wood determines the ambiance of the interior. Finely structured beams made of glulam characterise the spatial effect. 

Client: Württembergischer Landessportbund (WLSB) e.V., Stuttgart
Planning and construction: 2021-23
GFA und GV: 1.500 m², 11.100 m³

Competition 2021, 1st prize

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