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"Pleasant Typology"

Honourable mention in the design competition Zeppelingschule Leinfelden-Echterdingen.
"The architects propose a two-storey building volume along Kantstrasse that has the form of a nave with a slightly inclined gabled roof. The selected building form distinctly carries on the typology from the existing building stock. A well-proportioned school yard is the result of the clear positioning of the building, although the prominent lime tree cannot be preserved due to the building's width. A transparent building joint forms the connection to the existing building. It accommodates the aptly dimensioned staircase that provides access to all floors. (…)
Horizontally structured façade bands with vertical wood cladding in silver fir have been proposed for the new and for the existing buildings to create an architectural ensemble. Its serene composition corresponds to the restrained style and blends pleasantly into the urban context. The selected primary structure comprising timber frame construction walls and wood composite ceilings suggests an ecological and fast construction method. The concept meets requirements on escape and rescue routes. All in all, the design at hand is a coherent solution to the brief. The chosen typology of a nave / barn appears beneficial with regard to the local conditions. This is an altogether adequate scheme." (Excerpt from the jury's assessment)