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Winner! Kreativforum in Hallstadt

Birk Heilmeyer and Frenzel Architekten win 1st prize in the competition for the Kreativforum at the Cleantech Innovation Park in Hallstadt!
"Through its hall-like building volume, the Kreativforum refers to the industrial history of the site. It confidently takes its place as a genuine reception building in the front row to the street. Two squares have been created: The longitudinal side of the forum opens up the campus entrance to the south as a public square and welcomes arriving visitors with great visibility. To the west, the building appears as a solitary structure facing the second square, which is reserved for campus occupants.
The new Kreativforum features a clear cut design and facilitates a good orientation also within the building. Visitors can enter from both squares to be welcomed inside by the large atrium. It is this space that creates the desired communicative setting for the new forum. Grand staircases link the three storeys. (...)
The façade is defined by a surrounding balcony course. It extends the space to the outside, is easily accessible from all interior rooms and offers an additional area of common and communicative space. (...)
The scheme is an extremely convincing contribution that is both contextual and forward-looking" (excerpt from the jury statement)