KLD perspektive

Competition win in Ditzingen

Our contribution to the design competition "New Lehmgrube daycare facility for children in Ditzingen" was awarded 1st prize.
"The architects arrange the space allocation plan in a two-storey angular structure that completes the ensemble along with the existing buildings. The building has been designed with adequate distances to existing residential buildings.
The floor plans are clear and well structured. The architects succeeded in aligning all group rooms to the east, thus strengthening the connection to the adjoining outdoor area. The orientation is simple and clear and yet provides natural daylight. A void above the foyer links the two floors, whilst a single-flight staircase leads to the upper floor that accommodates the three pre-school groups. The clear stance and precise detailing are evident through to the structural design. The structured façade endows the building with a beautiful rhythm, which mediates between interior and exterior spaces and harmonises the scale of the building. The external balconies meet the requirements of preventive fire protection and can also be used as play areas and as direct access to the garden.
With its convincing internal structure and spatial design, the architecture is on par with the children and creates a vibrant day-care centre environment including a variety of social spaces. The consistent material concept and the attractive design of the façades bear witness to the architects’ straightforward style." (Excerpt from the jury assessment)