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Institute for Solar Physics completed

The Institute for Solar Physics (KIS) in Freiburg conducts basic research in astronomy and astrophysics with a particular focus on solar physics. After two and a half years of construction, the new building of the research facility, located opposite the SC Freiburg football stadium on the former airfield, was completed and handed over to the users to move in. The various functions of the institute, such as offices, laboratories, workshops and seminar areas, are brought together in a compact structure organized around a spacious atrium.
The new institute building is a solid construction. The window openings in the masonry, load-bearing outer shell have a vertical format, corresponding to the tectonics of the building. To reinforce the monolithic effect of the structure, the window elements in the perforated façade are set inwards.
Transmission losses are reduced as much as possible thanks to the compact structure, a glazing ratio of approx. 30% and the building envelope designed to passive house standards. A photovoltaic system is located on the roof, which provides additional electrical energy for operation and lighting in the building. (Photographs: Bernhard Strauss, Freiburg im Breisgau)