BHundF RIZ OG Technikum Teil2 01 v2

Winner German University Building Award 2022

The Regional Innovation Centre for Energy Technology (RIZ) at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences wins the German University Building Award 2022! The prize is awarded by the German University Foundation under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Building: "The prize is awarded to exemplary university buildings or ensembles, whether they are new buildings, renovations or modernisations, which demonstrate a special architectural quality or exemplary handling of historical building fabric. They should combine aesthetic and functional aspects in an outstanding way, be attractive as university buildings for students and lecturers, be committed to sustainable building in ecological, economic and socio-cultural terms, and make a positive contribution to the design of public space. In the course of the worldwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and the necessity of resource-saving construction, holistic concepts are to be awarded that combine forward-looking architectural design and quality of use with highly energy-efficient measures.This is intended to provide suggestions for future planning and to draw the attention of a broad public to the current and future concerns of sustainable construction in the sense of building culture." We are pleased to have met these criteria with the RIZ!