ZB651 02 v2

BDA State Award 2021

The Kita im Park is awarded the BDA Hugo-Häring Landespreis 2021! "The design of the daycare center is characterized by its simplicity and clarity. Room-high glass panes and closed wooden elements in interplay characterize the park facade. No profile, no joint, no subdivision disturbs the unambiguity and conciseness of the transparent and opaque facade surfaces placed in relation to each other. A key factor here is the way the color scheme is handled. Regardless of material and function, the ruby red color covers all façade elements, homogenizing the diversity of the facade parts and sharpening the eye for form and composition. At the same time, the ruby red structure clearly positions itself in relation to the green park as a complementary element. Inside, this principle is continued. Color and material are related to each other as homogeneous surfaces and give the rooms a calm and presence at the same time," was the jury's verdict.