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Honorable mention for "Brainergy Hub"

Our work was awarded a honorable mention / recognition in the competition "Innovation and experimental building "Brainergy Hub" in Jülich.
"The authors see the compact structure of the hub as the pivotal point of Brainergy Park Jülich and have turned it out of the orthogonal system of the future development in a way that is comprehensible from an urban planning point of view and located it confidently in the center of the site. The landscape space flows around the house. The rotation, the scale and the delicate network of facade greening give the hub a special position. With its transparent modern façade, the simple structure has an inviting effect and leads visitors and users into the four-story courtyard building. (...) The proposed wood hybrid construction with wood-concrete composite floors and recycled concrete represent a sustainable basic construction appropriate to the task. " (Excerpt from the jury assessment)