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Honorable mention Forum Constance

Honourable mention in the design competition "New Research and Administration Building Forum" in Constance: "Interpreted from Adorno, design begins with criticising the brief. By dividing the space allocation programme into two buildings, an events forum and a laboratory, the architects created a new ensemble. It incorporates the listed workshop building. Along Universitätsstrasse it stands for the transition to future construction phases, whilst forming a judicious round-off during the transitional period of the first construction phase. Both new buildings have been designed as timber-concrete hybrid constructions comprising a modular system with a high level of prefabrication. The reinforced concrete components contain a large proportion of recycled coarse aggregate. (...)
All in all, the design is an exciting contribution which critically questions the tendering brief and emphatically shows the challenge that the separation of forum and laboratory building pose for knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary collaboration in daily work." (Excerpt from the jury assessment)