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Competition win in Tuttlingen

We are delighted to have won 1st prize in the competition Rathausbrücke Tuttlingen. The bridge was designed in cooperation with the engineering firm schlaich bergermann partner.
"Approaching from Marktplatz and Rathausstraße, the new bridge runs in a straight line, gracefully and gently arched, to the other side of the river. At this point it links up with the Danube Cycle Route via an easily accessible square and leads to the river bank and pedestrian paths. A lower square with a jetty to the Danube is proposed above seating steps, which offers the opportunity to spend time on the banks of the river. (…) The construction takes up the modern developments in timber bridge construction and adds a new element through the way the metal struts are supported. In a coherent way, this element joins well with the timber construction. The construction comprising in-situ concrete, glue-laminated timber and steel profiles meets the requirements of the construction and the material. A long-lasting and durable construction has been designed by using treated wood in the hybrid construction. The overall dimensions are plausible and credible; the details demonstrate the designers’ expertise. In summary, this is a design which, in its timeless elegance and great suitability for the location, develops a special quality in dialogue with the stone bridge "Groß Bruck". It is characterised by a particularly good sense for the design of load-bearing structures." (Excerpt from the jury's assessment)