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1st prize in Kempten

Teaming up with knippershelbig Ingenieure, we are delighted to have won 1st prize in the Illersteg Kempten competition. The jury's citation: "The project team proposes a deliberately minimalist, unobtrusive scheme for the new Illersteg, combined with a hybrid construction that is highly innovative with regard to technology and design. The extremely intelligent combination of the materials steel, wood and carbon reinforced concrete as well as the modular design are convincing. The project takes a radically new approach and is therefore one of a kind. With its distinguished, low-key character, the building responds well to the location and its surroundings. The filigree support is set off-center, allowing an almost undisturbed view onto the watercourse of the Iller. At the eastern entrance, the transition to the waterfront has been designed to be appealing and will redefine this spot into a meeting place (without the pressure to consume). Onlookers perceive the structural design as clear and traceable. Of particular quality is the design of the bridge's soffit made of wood, which is easily visible from the banks of the Iller.  The jury was also convinced by the transitions to the abutments and thus to the riverbank..."